I believe that women need to support, motivate, and empower each other. We need to help and encourage one another so that we can all reach our full potential.  Which brings me to why I’m here…

My name is Stephanie. I’m 50 years old, married for 26 of those, and the mother of two boys who are 16 and 21. I’m happy, healthy and physically fit. I’m also having the best sex of my life!

I’m not a doctor, a psychiatrist or a sex therapist. I’m simply a woman who has been at both ends of the libido spectrum and who has taken an intense interest in learning everything I can about sex and how to increase pleasure in my life.

What I’ve learned is that sex is vital to our health, our happiness, our overall well-being and our relationships. In fact, I believe that sex is a game changer and a lifesaver. At least it has been for me.

I not only feel great, but I believe I look it too. I believe I’m getting better with age. I feel the sexiest, and most alive, I’ve ever felt. And it feels amazing!

I created my website and online course as a means of sharing the information I’ve learned with as many women as possible. Why? Because I think that many women are not in touch with their sensuality, and therefore, missing out on their greatest gift… their sexuality.  

Reclaiming my sexuality has made a tremendous difference in my life, and it’s my sincere hope that you will let me help you to do the same.

My Story

I’ve always enjoyed sex. I didn’t receive any negative upbringing around it, I haven’t suffered any sexual trauma and I had only limited baggage surrounding it. I did have sex before marriage, and some of it was good, and some of it wasn’t.

I’d also add that I normally had a very high libido. Although, long-term use of birth control pills, taking 3 years to get pregnant, and suffering 2 miscarriages, did take a toll on my libido and my sex life.

After going through so much to have my children, it was easy to devote my life to them, but I lost myself in the process. Then one day, I realized that I wasn’t happy. The kids were getting older and didn’t need me as much, and my husband and I were living like roommates instead of lovers.

This awareness came about just after designing and building my dream home while also attending cooking school. I was stressed, exhausted and I wasn’t sleeping well. I looked old, I felt old and I had no libido. I was miserable and  I knew something needed to change.

I started reading about health and hormones and had extensive testing done. I found out that I was nutrient deficient and that I had to make some drastic changes to reduce stress and improve sleep. I did, and within months, I felt like a new person. I was happier and rested and had a lot more energy.

Despite these improvements, I still had no libido, so I was referred to see a doctor who specialized in testosterone replacement. In my case, my testosterone levels were quite low and this negatively impacted my libido. But in all honesty, I had been suppressing my own sexuality. I had been keeping the lid on it for fear that it would boil over. Although, I’m not sure that I was consciously aware that I was doing that. But the testosterone forcibly blew the lid off. This was a good thing… because now the genie was out of the bottle… and she wasn’t going back in.  

This was the start of getting my sexy back because it got the ball rolling and it reminded me of what I was missing out on. More importantly, though, it encouraged me to look for ways to increase my sex drive… and keep it that way.  

Not only did I get my libido back, but it kick-started our sex life again. When you haven’t had much sex over the past couple of years, it can be difficult to get back into it. Although, when you first start therapy, and levels are temporarily higher than normal, you feel like you’re in heat! And when you’re that horny, you initiate sex like crazy!

Of course, things settled down once my levels were back to normal, but now I knew that I was happiest when I was expressing my sexuality, not when I was denying it. I loved feeling luscious and sensual…  and freaking amazing!  

I felt like a new woman. A younger woman. A vibrant and sexy woman. To go from no sex drive, to a rockstar sex drive, reminded me of how good that feels. And that’s what made me want to research sex. I was going to explore my sexuality and learn everything I could to increase my pleasure. I had gotten a taste of bliss, and I would do whatever it took to continue to have it. 

Everything I learned made sex that much better. I learned to enjoy it more, to try new things and to appreciate how incredibly important it is. I gained a whole new perspective on sex. I learned to see and do things differently and this had a major impact on my enjoyment of sex.

Getting my sexy back was a game changer, but so was fixing my health, and making myself… and my sex life… a priority. I was happier. I was nicer. I had more patience. It was, hands down, the best decision I’ve ever made. 

I’ve made it my mission to learn everything I can about sex and then share it with every woman who came into my life.  Trust me when I say that I will practically stop strangers on the street to talk to them about it!

I am incredibly passionate over how important our sexuality is to our happiness and I want every woman to know and experience this!

Mission Statement

It’s my mission to bring pleasure and happiness into your life. I want to encourage you to reclaim and embrace your sexuality. Your sexual energy is your life force. It is the erotic source in every woman. When you tap into this, you will become the woman you want to be. The woman you are meant to be. The woman you deserve to be.

I’m here to help YOU improve your libido, your overall sense of wellbeing and increase your sexual enjoyment. Not everyone has the time or inclination to research health and sex as I have, but there’s so much that we women don’t know. I’m here to save you time and energy and give you all the juicy details!  

It’s my deepest desire for you to step into your radiance. I want you to be happy, to live with passion, to be fulfilled, and to have an incredible sex life. I want you to feel sensual. To experience pleasure. To be able to express your desires and live your dreams. I know this is possible for you because it’s your birthright.  

Your sexuality begins with you.  Reconnect with it and a whole new world will open up to you.

Sensuality In Bloom

A special thank you to my wonderful photographer… 

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